News Brief

Fake Xanax anxiety pills from China seized in Zurich

According to a report, customs agents have seized one million fake anti-anxiety pills in transit at Zurich airport, Swiss officials say.
The four-crate shipment was on its way from China to Egypt, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products said.
The tablets are counterfeit versions of Xanax – a drug manufactured by Pfizer to treat severe anxiety or panic disorder.
Tests showed the drugs contained no active ingredients, but would be very difficult to recognise as fakes.

Breast Milk Donated or Sold Online Is Often Tainted, Study Says

New York reports that a cottage industry has sprung up facilitating the sale and donation of human breast milk on the Internet, but a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics confirms the concerns of health professionals over this unregulated marketplace.

The report found that breast milk bought from two popular Web sites was often contaminated with high levels of bacteria, including, in a few instances, salmonella. The amounts detected in some samples were sufficient to sicken a child.