News Brief

China Heads To The Moon

China, the Asian Superpower is showing the world that it’s not only earthly minded but also out of space bound.

It has launched its first rover mission which is set to land in the moon’s northern hemisphere in mid-December.

With its better and more sophisticated robotic rover, China is hoping to explore the moon’s surface by looking for natural resources such as minerals and rare metals.

In a report, Professor Ouyang, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences noted that “the moon is full of resources – mainly rare earth elements, titanium, and unranium, which the Earth is really short of, and these resources can be used without limitation.”

He also told BBC News that there were three motivations behind the drive by China to investigate the moon.

One, develop Chinese technology that includes communications, computers, different forms of IT skills, and the use of different kinds of materials.

Two, gain better understanding and knowledge of the origin and evolution of the moon that will also provide insights about the earth.

Three, the development of China’s own intellectual teams who can explore the whole lunar and solar system.