News Brief

News Brief

Usain Bolt Wins 100m Gold at Moscow World Championships

Usain Bolt showed his class when he stormed through to win the 100m final at the Moscow World Championships in 9.77sec.

Bolt made amends after disqualification from the same race two years ago in Daegu but was unable to recapture his form from Berlin 1n 2009, when he won gold in a world-record 9.58sec.

Justin Gatlin claimed silver in 9.85sec and Nesta Carter took bronze with a time of 9.95sec in the Luzhniki stadium.

Singing Star Eydie Gorme Dies At 84

Popular American singer, Eydie Gorme, who had one of the biggest hit songs in the 1960s, titled, “Blame it on the Bossa Nova,” has died in Las Vegas at the age of 84.

She was a popular nightclub and TV singer, both with her husband Steve Lawrence and as a solo act. Eydie earned numerous awards, including a Grammy and an Emmy.

She died after a brief illness.

Her husband Lawrence and son were reportedly at her bedside when she died.

Jailed US Christian Missionary In North Korea Is Hospitalized

Kenneth Bae, a Christian who was detained in North Korea last year is very ill and has been moved from a labor camp to a hospital, his sister says.

The 45 year old Bae is said to be too weak to work. He was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for trying to overthrow the North Korean government.

He has diabetes and an enlarged heart.

He is numbered among six Americans, who  has ben detained in North Korea since 2009.

However, the other Americans were released after representation by high-profile officials.

Droughts Continue To Create Havoc In Central China

Persistent droughts continue to plague Central China’s Hubei Province. This has affected over 1.17 million people as well as 15.93 million mu (1,062,000 hectares) of farmlands according to local authorities.

Supplies of drinking water have been severely hampered because of the adverse weather conditions.

Over 1 million people lack adequate supplies of water.

Pakistani Troops Fire Rounds of Ammunition On Indian Posts.

According to The Times Of India, Pakistani troops again have violated ceasefire agreement by firing on Indian posts along the LoC in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, four days after five Indian soldiers were killed by specialist troops of the Pakistan Army.

“Pakistan fired over 7000 rounds of heavy ammunition besides mortar shells on Indian posts during the seven-and-a-half-hour firing in Poonch,” defence spokesperson said.

China Gets Invitation To Commonwealth Business Meeting

A news report out of Colombo says that China is listed among a set of non-Commonwealth countries to attend the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) hosted by Sri Lanka in November.  The Commonwealth Business Council will be an appendage to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), the highest decision making body of the 53-member Commonwealth comprising Britain and its former colonies. The meeting is scheduled for mid-November when the government is expected to focus on key national projects of infrastructure to promote investment, External Affairs Minister G.L. Peiris told the media.

 Apple And Google To Continue Their Fight In Court

It is reported that Apple can now renew its arguments at the International Trade Commission regarding Google’s Motorola Mobility unit violation of two of its iPhone patents. This is based on a US appeals court ruling. The Federal US Circuit Court found that the ITC erred when it invalidated one Apple patent and found that Motorola didn’t infringe another.

Buddhists Crawl To Tibet Temple

According to, in Tibet, devout Buddhists are flocking to the holy city of Lhasa for an annual pilgrimage.
But for four pilgrims, simply travelling to the city is not enough – they have spent over two months so far, crawling on their hands and knees from their homes in neighbouring Gansu as a way of showing their faith to Buddha.

Genetic Study Reveals That Caste Bar On Marriages Was Implanted 2000 Years Ago

A report out of New Delhi has shown that in a study conducted by scientists on how different types of populations mixed in India, found that there were three stages of intermixing.
According to the news report, in ancient times, over 4000 years ago, there were two separate populations based in north and south India with no mixing. Then, in the second stage between 4000 years ago and 1900 years ago, comes a phase of widespread intermingling of populations, which penetrated to even the most isolated groups. Finally, from around 1900 years onwards, several subgroups of the already mixed population stopped marrying outside their group, and thus became frozen.