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How To Get Mr. Right In 2016

Kimberley Hibbert, in an article for the Jamaica Observer, noted that women often find themselves in a spot of bother after a broken relationship.

She argued that rather than dwelling on the past, women should be proactive, dust themselves off, and open themselves to greater and better “man opportunities.”

She writes thus:

You may have had your fair share of mediocrity from men this past year, and you’re probably wondering if Mr. Right is just another figment of your imagination. But, according to relationship expert Wayne Powell, he is not. However, before entering 2016, it is important to take stock of what existed in your failed relationships before taking steps to secure the person of your dreams.

“Like the prudent businessman or woman, the end of the year is always a good time to take stock. It is from this exercise that the businessman/woman makes certain management decisions,” Powell said.

“A relationship would also benefit from a similar year-end exercise.”

According to Powell, you would need to first ask yourself what goods you have in stock, if they are inadequate quantities, if you are satisfied with the returns, if you should increase the quantities of the inventory, or if you should consider discontinuing the use of the goods and replace them with others.

Moreover, he said, after the stocktaking exercise is done, it is important to confidently take the steps to find and keeping Mr. or Mrs. Right in your life. Below he explains some ways to do so.

Avoid rebound relationships

Powell said if you are just coming out of a failed relationship and you are going through the grieving process, it’s recommended that you spend some time to bring closure to that relationship before starting a new one. “Remember, during this time you are very vulnerable and not in a strong emotional state to make a rational decision,” he said.

As John Legend says, ‘Take it slow’

The relationship expert said you should set the pace at which the relationship should go. “Don’t let him pressure you into doing anything you are not ready to do. Don’t worry about losing the person. If he really cares about you, he will stick around and wait,” Powell said.

Do background checks

“Find out as much as you can about the individual. Talk to their friends and family members who can vouch for their honesty and capacity to commit to the relationship. Find out how they relate to their parents and other members of their family.”

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