Naturally Thin Women Are Wired Differently

“Here are the characteristics”

Naturally Thin WomenNaturally, thin women who are healthy and energetic do not obsess over what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. A distinction can be made  between the healthy thin and the “un-healthy” thin woman.

There are women who obsess over being thin and will unfortunately adopt potentially damaging habits such as:

  1. Eating disorders
    1. Bulimia
    2. Anorexia
    3. Binging
  2. Excessive exercising. In some young athletes, this can lead to the Athlete Triad which is commonly seen in sports and the creative arts namely: running; aerobics; figure skating; ballet; gymnastics. An athlete has female athlete triad if she has all of the following:
    • Disordered eating: anorexia, purging, induced vomiting
    • Amenorrhea: little or no menses
    • Osteoporosis: low bone mass density
  1. Body dysmorphic disorder

This disorder mainly affects teens. The affected person obsesses over what he or she perceives as a physical flaw with his or her appearance. In this group of persons are those who undergo plastic surgery again and again in a quest to have a perfect body.

Habits of the Naturally Slim Woman

For these women, being thin is done effortlessly. Their habits are healthy:

  1. They do not devour everything on their plate. They eat until they are satisfied and then stop. Eating until one feels overstuffed is not done.
  2. They eat mindfully. They savor every mouthful and chew thoroughly every bite.
  3. They do not raise an alarm about being hungry. There is no urgency or drama created about having to eat.
  4. They don’t substitute food for loneliness, depression, anxiety, anger and other emotional feelings.
  5. They eat healthy choosing salads and consume more fruits and vegetables than the average person. Their eating habits and food preferences are predictable.
  6. They have a love for the outdoors and enjoy healthy living. Many do not care for gyms and exercise gadgets. They do however keep physically active.
  7. They may have the genetic predisposition for a self-control gene. The brain has a center called the satiety center which signals when we are full.
  8. Many of these women are vivacious, energetic and natural leaders. They tend to excel at what they do.
  9. They do sleep well at nights. It has been shown that high leptin and low ghrelin play an important role in maintaining a healthy body weight.

For those of us who are not born or wired that way, we can retrain our brain to adopt many of these healthy habits. It may take some time but try to introduce one healthy habit each week. If you are an emotional eater, try to pinpoint the triggers. Is it anger, depression, or feelings of inadequacy? Substituting a healthy habit instead of attacking a tub of ice cream or eating all of the chocolate bars can break the pattern of bingeing. A good substitute to try is kick boxing or jogging.

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