Mottley ­‑ Gun Kills, It Doesn’t Walk And Talk

Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley, in her address at the closing ceremony for Exercise Tradewinds 2024 (EXTW24), said that guns should be viewed as a useful tool to protect the region’s borders from criminal activities, not as an instrument to commit crimes.

She argued that in an environment where there are rising homicides by gun violence per capita among countries across the region, there is the need for more opportunities for young people to join organizations such as cadets, the Boy Scouts, and other service clubs.

Mottley posited that the expansion in service organizations was necessary to expose young people to the importance of service and how to handle weapons.

“The Barbados Defense Force has been supportive in continuing to expand its Cadet Programme and its Sea Cadet Program…. As physical circumstances allow us, I actually would like for us to be able to ensure that every boy and every girl, as they become teenagers in this country, are exposed to this service organization.”

She added that “A time will come where it will not only be the men and women in uniform who will be called into service, but it will actually be the people of this nation who must stand up to the call, more likely than not, especially in circumstances of small island states, whose capacity to survive can be terminated within a few hours…,” she continued.

Moreover, she stated that “a gun is a tool that kills. It doesn’t walk and even with AI, it doesn’t yet talk. Therefore, it comes back to the basic integrity of the individuals in our society to determine how to treat weapons with respect.” “I want to commend the exercise because I saw on the weekend, you opened up to people of this nation and I saw families come and bring their children. We will not be able to obliterate guns from the earth because regrettably it is here. But like with everything else we do with our children, it is to teach them to respect how they use weapons.” 

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