More Flights Coming To Sangster Int’l Airport

Manager of Commercial Business Development and Marketing at Sangster International Airport, in Montego Bay, St. James, Sharon Hislop-Holt, says there has been an increase in flights coming into the facility.

Mrs. Hislop-Holt was speaking to journalists after American Airlines landed two Dreamliner aircraft at the airport on November 2.

One of the flights, a Boeing 787-8 came from Miami, Florida, and the other, a Boeing 787-9, landed from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, both in the United States.

“Based on the slot requests I have seen, so far, we have seen more flights… and we anticipate that we will have more traffic coming up in the winter season,” Mrs. Hislop-Holt said.

“We may not reach 2019 levels; however, we will be much closer to [that level] in the peak,” she noted.

Mrs. Hislop-Holt highlighted that the use of the much larger aircraft means “more efficient operations for American Airlines as well as the airport”.

“American Airlines is the number-one carrier at Sangster International. Currently, we have American Airlines operating approximately 11 flights per day, and in the peak season we’ll see that going up to an average of 14 flights per day. We are very excited to have these flights operating and there is confidence in the market,” she said.

“The Government, the airport, all the stakeholders, we have been working together to ensure that Jamaica is open for tourists to come and enjoy the island and what we have to offer,” Mrs. Hislop-Holt added.

The flight from Miami carried 68 passengers to the island while the flight from Philadelphia brought in 206 passengers.

Sangster International Airport also welcomed inaugural Frontier Airline flights from Atlanta, Georgia, and Orlando, Florida, this week.

Source: JIS

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