Mitt Romney Takes Aim At Hillary Clinton

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, on NBC’s program Meet the Press paints what he thinks is a winning strategy for Republicans against the likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Romney posits that a platform for the Republicans would be to examine Clinton’s record and identified what happened under her watch while serving as the Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

“I think you have to consider what’s happened around the world during the years that she was secretary of state, and you have to say it’s been a monumental bust,” declared Romney.

He said that the Obama administration is partly to be blamed for the insurgency in Iraq as it has failed to maintain stability in the country.

He further said, “The United States of America has long had the capacity to shape events and to influence events, but what you’ve seen from this administration, whether from Hillary Clinton, with the reset button to Russia — which, by the way, I think should have been called the repeat button — I mean, this administration from Secretary Clinton to President Obama has repeatedly underestimated the threats that are faced by America and has repeatedly underestimated our adversaries.”

He noted, “Whether that’s Russia, or Assad, or ISIS, or al Qaeda itself, it has not taken the action necessary to prevent bad things from happening. It has not used our influence to do what’s necessary to protect our interests.”

Romney stated that he has no further ambition to be in the White House and a run for the presidency for him in 2016 is out of the question.

“I want to find the best candidate for us to take our message to the American people that we can bring better jobs, higher incomes, and more security globally,” Romney said. “We can do that, and I’m convinced that the field of Republican candidates that I’m seeing is a lot better positioned to do that than I am, so I’m not running.”

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow