Miss Aggressive: Utterances From Jamaican Men

In an article entitled, Miss Aggressive published by, the writer in a poll elicited the opinions of a number of men on the behavior pattern of women which they would deem as aggressive.

The writer said thus:

Photo Credit: Art work by 9 year old Shirley Song.
Photo Credit: Art work by 9 year old Shirley Zhang.

The modern woman is used to having things her way; she can even hunt and bring home the bacon herself. But is she taking things too far when she decides to take this approach when she is looking for a partner? How do men spot a too-aggressive woman?

Andrew, 32:

You can tell from the way she does or says certain things. If, for instance, you just casually mention that you are going to be at a certain event and she invites herself along, and at the event she doesn’t give you any breathing room, she is just all up in your face, then she’s too aggressive.

Bradley, 37:

If you have only been dating a woman for a few months just to check if she is relationship potential and then all of a sudden out of nowhere she just springs on you that she loves you that is too aggressive. I love you? Really? I can tell you from now that those three words will make a guy run in the opposite direction.

Kingsley, 37:

If she’s always messaging me telling me that she wants me to come over to help her fix this and that, she’s too needy.

Tyrone, 36:

If she is a control freak – like you are casually talking to someone on the phone and she wants to know who it is; for crying out loud, I’m talking to my mother!

Winston, 38:

If she is always the one calling me and never gives me the opportunity to miss her.

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