Microsoft U.S. Global Technology Leader — “Technology Has The Power To Be The Great Equalizer”

Chief Digital Officer and Corporate Vice President, Microsoft U.S. Global Technology Leader, Jacky Wright has commended Jamaica for its progress in becoming a digital society.

In its national development plan, the Jamaican Government has set as part of its goals to provide Internet access to every household and community across the country.

Ms. Wright, in an address, noted that Internet access is key to continuing the transformation process, especially as the coronavirus pandemic persists.

“I believe that technology has the power to be the great equalizer. We have a national identification system (NIDS) that we’re implementing along with data and information to create a holistic [digital] approach to how we provide services in this country. In doing that, we need to make sure that we bring everyone along,” she said.

Ms. Wright urged the Government to seek partnerships that would more greatly create conditions for the transformation.

She said several opportunities exist within the Jamaican diaspora, such as a digital currency, which can create an ecosystem that gets everyone involved.

“Also, when you think about biodiversity, water conservation, energy, and how we could provide energy for others using solar [powered technology], there are also big opportunities there,” Ms. Wright said.

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