Marlon “Icon” Samuels Blasts Former Windies’ President

Marlon “Icon” Samuels blasted former Cricket West Indies Board President Dave Cameron’s leadership style in a tell-all interview on Jamaica’s Sportsmax Zone program aired recently on Sportsmax television.

“It’s a great day not for Mr. Skerritt alone, but it’s a great day for West Indies’ cricket,” said Samuels when asked to comment on Skerritt’s recent presidential victory.

He noted that Ricky Skerritt’s management and leadership would be a significant improvement over Cameron’s as Skerritt is a decent person and a man of integrity which in his view could not be said of Cameron.

“I think Dave believed that the board belongs to him.” He added, “Dave put himself first before everything.”

Samuels labeled the former President as “selfish,” “self-centered,” and a “poor leader.”

He posited the view that unlike Skerritt, Cameron did not have Windies cricket at heart but was there at the helm for his selfish interest, to build his ego and gain more power.

He also berated Cameron for his lack of interpersonal relationship with players and questioned the increase in stipend that was offered to Cameron and other directors.

Additionally, he voiced his disgust on the close relationship that WIPA’s leader Wavel Hinds had with Cameron, contending that the players’ trust was compromised.

Furthermore, he said the former President created a lot of issues for players, noting that the winning of the last World Cup should be attributed solely to the players’ will and motivation to do well.

He also lamented the fact that Cameron did not do much for Jamaica’s cricket while serving as the head of Windies cricket.

Moreover, he said the money taken from senior players to invest in first-class cricket has not resulted in any improvement except to put money in first-class players’ pocket.

Nigel Bell, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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