Managing The Cold Sore Breakouts

Cold sores, also called fever blisters, are recurrent blisters resulting from a viral infection. The virus belongs to a family of viruses called Herpes simplex. Typically, the blisters appear on the lips, around the edges of the lips, or on the nose itself. The virus attacks the skin and nerves. The flare-up of the blisters can be frequent.

There are so many systems of treatment available that the discerning, informed patient is able to decide which treatments best suit his lifestyle and belief system. The range of treatments includes:

  1. Allopathic / contemporary/ modern medicine
  2. Vitamins and minerals therapy
  3. Homeopathy
  4. Herbs and other natural products
  5. Nutrition/ Cellular Nutrition
  6. Energy Healing
Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Cold sore of the lower lip.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Cold sore of the lower lip.

It is important to note that interest in “Natural Remedies” has grown exponentially over the last decades. This is due in part to patients turning towards products and services that have little or no side effects on the body. Consulting a healthcare professional for diagnosis and advice is recommended.

Vitamin and Mineral Therapy

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients found in fruits, vegetables and animal protein. Vitamins and minerals are used by the body for normal growth, function, and health.  Only small quantities of these vitamins and minerals are required for cellular and biochemical activities.

Vitamins to get rid of Cold Sores are selected based on:

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Ability to boost immune defense
  • Bolstering of Nerve Function

Vitamins A, C, E are the ‘triple super’ vitamins known as immune stimulators and modulators. Zinc is an excellent mineral which promotes healing. There are other vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to healing the skin, repairing nerve and boosting the immune system.

Medicinal Herbs with anti-viral and antiseptic properties

  1. Echinacea: effective in healing and renewing the body’s vitality
  2. Garlic: fights skin infection
  3. Catnip: excellent antioxidant
  4. Cinnamon: antiviral and antiseptic properties
  5. Myrrh: antiseptic and astringent, helps in the treatment of infections
  6. Chaga mushroom: has antiviral activities
  7. Chamomile: relaxes and calms the mind as stress exacerbates the fever blister
  8. Lavender: antiseptic and is used to cleanse the skin
  9. Lemon: builds immunity against viral infection, has astringent properties
  10. Tea tree oil: antiseptic and antiviral properties, this is a must for first aid kits
  11. Oregano: antioxidant, used in cooking
  12. Pomegranate: antioxidant, makes a delicious drink
  13. Green tea: an excellent antioxidant
  14. Mints including Pepper mint: a soothing beverage
  15. Lemon grass: has anti-inflammatory properties

Homeopathic medicine is based on a system of medicine with a philosophy “like cure like” and practice that treat patients with extremely diluted substances, with the aim of stimulating the body’s own immune system to respond and heal. Homeopathic medicines are made from plant, chemical, mineral, or animal sources.

There is a growing body of evidence that homeopathic preparations have positive clinical effects. Homeopathy can be used with conventional medicine and will not interfere with the action of any medicine. In fact, the combined effect gives the benefits of the integrated approach to healthcare.

Cellular Nutrition

To restore good health it is recommended that attention be paid to:

1) A Balanced diet

2) Nutritional supplements (including a cellular nutrition supplement

3) Healthy fluids

Select a Cellular nutrition product that contains macronutrients (carbs, protein and fats), and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements). Cellular nutrition products are formulated to deliver optimal nutrition to the cells.

To get rid of cold sores, your plan needs to include a healthy diet, supplements which will boost your immune system and stress management. In a few weeks the improvement in energy, health, and overall well-being will be obvious.

Readers Bureau, Contributor