Love Will Make You Do Wrong

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Make you do right, love’ll make you do wrong,
Make you come home early,
Make you stay out all night long,
The power of love

Al Green 

Love Will Make You Do WrongSo, you are madly in love, smitten by your Mr. Right or Miss Right and he or she can do no wrong. You are on cloud nine. What is the craziest thing that you have ever done in the name of love?

Vanessa E. Chambers, in an article for Jamaica, has an interesting take from readers’ feedback on the subject.

She writes thus:

Horatio, 38:

When I first met my babymother I was caught up in her. I used to go away and work on an overseas work programme and just because of her I stopped. I didn’t want to be away from her; I wanted to be around her all the time. I regret quitting the work programme because she left me when I couldn’t find a permanent job to take care of her and the baby.

Desahrae, 26:

I was in love with this taxi man. Over the summer before my last year at college, my mother had sent me money to pay my school fee for the year and at the same time he was having trouble with his car. He told me that he was going to sell it and buy a new one. After selling the car, he needed some more money, so he could buy the new car he said he saw. He asked me if he could borrow the money I got to pay my school fee; and he would pay me back each semester. I loaned him the money and that was the end of it. He never repaid me nor did he buy the car. My mother was so upset, she told me I was on my own with that. I left him and got a job. I have yet to finish college.

Meloney, 42:

This was my first love. It happened in my early 20s. I was so in love with this man. He was twelve years older than me, and I looked up to him and I really thought that he loved me. That was until I told him I was pregnant. He told me that I should have an abortion and I did thinking that if I didn’t he was going to leave me, and to be honest I wasn’t ready for a child. But after having the abortion, I wasn’t the same. I felt guilty for what I did and the relationship wasn’t the same. I ended it and not a day goes by that I don’t think about my baby.

Tia, 27:

I got my ex’s name tattooed on my arm. He was to get my name tattooed on himself too, and never did. I found out that he was lying to me about a few things and kicked him out of my house. Since then I got the tattoo covered up with another tat representing love. I will never be so silly again.

Paul, 39:

I met this girl who I thought was the girl I was going to marry. When I met her, she was just starting out in life, so we ended up moving in together. Then she told me about her family home and how much she wanted to move back there. The place needed some work, so I helped her out. I pumped a good amount of cash into the place, and it wasn’t easy. A year after living there together, we got into an argument, and she kicked me out. I had nowhere to go; all my money was invested in her family home. I was left to start my life all over again.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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