Love In Paradise – Part 1

Love was exactly the thing that was on her mind and definitely the topic of discussion at lunch. Sasha had been out of a relationship for almost a year and had lost interest in relationships and guys on a whole. They all seemed the same she thought as she listened to her friends gush about their awesome relationships with their boyfriends.

“I think it is time for you to get back out Sash. Are you even trying to date?” Lia asked concerned that her friend was trying to stifle her own happiness.

“Yes, yes and yes. I have just no luck,” she replied in a snappy tone.

“Well, try harder. You don’t want to be one of those lonely old women with 12 cats. You already have 2 so far,” chuckled Lia.

She was right Sasha thought. The truth was she was really scared to go back into another relationship. Relationships are hard. Getting to know someone is not so easy. She had been in so many bad relationships that ended so badly that she was really scared.

“I have an idea. We’re your friends, right?” Pat interrupted.

“Yes.” She replied slowly.

“And we know you better than anyone else would, right?”

“Yes. What’s the point?”

“Let’s set you up on blind dates. I’ll choose a guy and Lia will, too. I’m sure you will like one of our guys.”

“I think that’s a great idea. Let’s do it,” replied Lia.

Sasha didn’t look too convinced. In her head she thought of a million different things that could go wrong, but they did have a point. They knew her too well for this to go wrong.

Moreover, she really wanted to find someone, someone who truly loves and cares for her, someone who could take her out on dates, someone she could start a life with.

After a brief moment of silence the confused look on her face slowly dissolved and changed in to a smile.

“Alright. I’ll agree to this just once.”

After work they took her shopping. She decided if she was going to be out dating again she needed to revamp her wardrobe. She had been working out in the gym and lost a few pounds and was ready to show off her new lean body.

Her soft dark curls were kept tamed and secured to one side of her face leaving one shoulder bare. The light from the roof’s lighting source bounced off her brown pecan coloured flesh.  Her face was soft, subtle and inviting.

She wore dark red lips that matched the curve hugging dress she modelled. Poised and interested she was ready for Lia’s choice.

She was nervous and hope he could not hear her timid heart beating under her skin.  He seemed impressed.  He wore a bright smile on his face ever since he was made aware Sasha would be his date for the night.  He stood tall like a skyscraper. His face was the type that was hard to forget, sweet and handsome. She was totally impressed.

She took a sip of the red wine on the table and smiled.

To be continued…

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