Love In Paradise – Part 8

The betrayal

The next couple of weeks flew by fast. The two were doing great; the relationship was great; in fact, it was getting better. She had just finished doing laundry when her cell phone rang.


“Hey, you home?”

“Yes, babe. I am. Why?”

“I wanted to talk to you for a bit.” He paused for a bit, “can I swing by?”

“Uh-Oh, what’s wrong?” she asked wondering what could be wrong.

“I would rather talk to you face to face. See you in a bit?”


The last couple weeks had been rough, but they were finally in a good place. They had a few petty arguments that got way out of hand which caused some tension in the relationship, but they decided to talk about their issues and work out their problems. She thought they were finally passed it, but something in his tone on the phone suggested otherwise. She thought about calling her friends for advice, but she decided to stop worrying so much about it and try to relax. The time moved slowly as she waited for Bill to arrive.

The hollow knock on the door stopped her heart for a second and chill ran down her spine. She walked briskly to the door to let bill in. She led him to her couch, which she considered the most comfortable area in the home.

The room was quiet. The look on his face suggested that he had a lot to say but didn’t know where to start. He attempted many times to utter a word but nothing came out. He sat there just simply staring at her face. The expression she wore on her face made it clear she was anxious.

“Would you like something to drink?’ she asked trying to break the silence.

“No, I just want to get this off my chest.” He said. “I haven’t been totally honest with you about some stuff. “

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been seeing my ex-girlfriend. I mean I didn’t mean to at first, but we had been arguing and she was just there for me to talk to. I really didn’t mean to hurt you. I just feel really guilty inside.”

Her face changed instantly as Bill mentioned his ex-girlfriend. She suspected something was up when he was constantly in his phone when he was around her and always getting phone calls from an unknown number. She also noticed his attitude changed towards her as well, and cheating was the only reasonable explanation. Still, even though she suspected it she wasn’t ready to hear it. She tried to keep a straight face, an emotionless one to hide the pain she was feeling inside. How could he hurt her like that? Where did it go wrong? She invested a lot of time in the relationship, coming out of her comfort zone to make him feel loved and he could just betray her like that.

“Oh.”  She said and that was all she could say before she showed him to the door.

To be continued…

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