Love In Paradise — Part 7

The rest of the ride was awfully quiet. She told herself that he was just having a bad day. They finally got to her house and though she expected him to walk her to the door he didn’t.

“Ok well, let me know when you get home.” She said in tone which suggested she was not happy.

“Yeah.” He replied dryly and drove off.

She’s never seen him like that and she couldn’t fathom what exactly she did for him to be in that kind of mood. Hours passed and she didn’t get a text or a call. She grew tired of waiting and decided to reach out to him. She hated the feeling like she was bothering him but she had to know that he was ok. She called first and there was no answer. She decided to call again and he picked up.


“Hello.” He replied.

“Are you ok? I didn’t hear from you.”

“Yes I am.”

His answers suggested that he didn’t want to talk but she did. She needed to know what she did that was making him act like this. “Hey, talk to me. Did I do something wrong?”  She asked.

“No you didn’t.”

“Don’t lie to me. Tell me if I did something. You’re not yourself. This… is not us. “She continued.

“I just have a lot on my mind.” He said, but Sasha was not convinced.

“Well, I don’t believe you. Is it me?”

“Yes…. No, it’s just that I had a rough day at work today,” he said. There was a long pause for a second. “I’m sorry for snapping at you earlier I’m just exhausted.  I need to clear my head. Can I call you later?”

“Ok, sure.” She agreed, deciding not to push him any further.

The rest of the night she waited for him to call, but he didn’t. She went on his social media pages to see if he had been online, but the last time he was online was when she had last heard from him. She decided to put in a movie and try to forget about it. He asked for time, so she wanted to give him just that.

Finally morning came, and she couldn’t be happier.  The night before was a rough one and she wanted at all cost to forget it? She was also hoping Bob was feeling better too because he was her ride to and from work every day. She decided to forget about what happened and start over. She made him breakfast to cheer him up.

“Good morning.” She said with a smile on her face as she opened the door to let him in.

“Good morning babe,” he replied smiling back at her.  She could tell he was definitely in a better mood. She was well dressed that morning. She decided to wear a figure fitting pencil skirt with a nude sheer top. She was stunning and he could see, that too. She knew he loved her in that outfit and she used it to her advantage.

To be continued…

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