Love In Paradise – Part 6

The night they shared was amazing. She knew he was a passionate type of guy, but the way he touched her was like he was trying to reach her soul. She was hooked and full of bliss.

The next night was the same and so was the night after that. Everything was just perfect. They become so caught up with each other that they started to act alike and finish each other sentences.

Monday morning came, and it was back to work after an amazing weekend. Sasha didn’t get a chance to talk to any of her girls because she was busy being occupied and spending time with her charming boyfriend. She was just dying to spill the details of her wonderful weekend, but it had to wait until lunch time. She got into her office and dived into the mountain of work in front of her. Usually Mondays are considered the hardest day of the week but not today, she was happy and ready to take on the day.

Lunch time finally came and it was time for her to tell her wonderful story. She searched the room for her friends and found them in the corner of the lunch room with an empty seat between the two of them. That could only mean one thing she thought to herself, they were ready to hear all about her wonderful weekend.

“So… spill!” Pat blurted out. She was so anxious to hear all about Sasha and Bill. After all Bill was her friend, too.

“Well. It is going great so far. He is just amazing. So amazing.” She started. “I’m so glad you introduced us.”

Seeing her blushed cheeks and the bright smile she wore put a smile on Pat’s face. She could truly tell that her friend Bill was making her happy. “Girl I am just happy you are happy. You deserve it, you both deserve it.” she said stretching her arms out to hug her.

“He’s so passionate, kind, and warm. I love the way he makes me feel, he treats me like I am the only girl in the world. “She replied.

“Aww girl, that’s the way it is supposed to be.” Pat replied.

Talking about him made her miss him, too. She couldn’t wait for work to be over so that she could see him again.  A few hours passed by and work was over for the day. She waited by the benches outside for her prince charming to pick her up. Moments later, he rolled up to her feet and she got in. They had a lot to talk about. She told him all about the conversation she and the girls had at lunch time. Everything was great until he received a text message. Sasha reached down to pick up his phone but he quickly stretched his  hand to grab it first, looking a little nervous.

“I was only trying to get the phone for you.” She explained. She looked him for a second. He seemed too caught up in his phone. “Hey, eyes on the road.” She said jokingly while taking his phone from him.

“Don’t do that!” he shouted angrily.

To be continued…

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