Love In Paradise – Part 5

Love was in the air for the new couple. The next couple of months went by really quickly. Sasha and Bill grew deeper in love with each waking day. They started to spend a great deal of time with each other, so much so her friends started to miss her. Everything was Bill nowadays.

They often went on double dates with their other friends that were also dating, and it was always such a great time being in the presence of other new young couples.

Weekends at Bill’s house were also becoming the norm as well. Every weekend was another adventure and another chance for the two to get to know each other more. One weekend they went bowling. Neither of the two knew how to bowl but eventually turned pro after a couple of hours. Everything was going great with the two.

One Saturday, while spending the weekend at Bill’s house, they decided to have a date night. They both got ready in separate rooms and met up in the dining room to have dinner. Dinner was done by Chef Bill. He was a really good Chef, too.

“Have a seat my lady,” he said in a charming voice. He pulled the chair out for her to have a seat.

She looked lovely. She was dressed in a beautiful summer dress that complimented her skin tone.

“Aww babe, this is lovely.” She replied amazed at how well he did.

Bill had a three-course meal in store for the night. First, he started off with Asian spring rolls. He served  lasagne for the main course and chocolate mousse cake for desert.

It must have been something in the food or something in the wine she was drinking, but Sasha was feeling a little in the mood for making love. By this time the two were seated in his living room sofa.

She slowly slid her dress up to expose her smooth thighs hoping this would turn bill on. Bill was more focused on the soccer game that was playing on ESPN. Realising that he didn’t even notice her gesture, she decided to make another one, this time a little more obvious. She cleared her throat and attempted to raise the hemline of her dress a little higher. Still, no reaction from Bill.

“Hey,” she said pulling his face away from the TV.

“Yeah?” he said. He could tell by the way that she was looking at him that she was feeling aroused. He leaned over and kissed her lips gently. She melted in his arms as he kissed her. He began to remove the straps of her dress exposing her beautiful shoulders.

He then started to kiss her neck making little trails down to her soft subtle breasts.  She moaned as shivers ran up and down her spine, cold bumps scattered across her skin.

He was equally excited and he could hardly hide it. He lifted her up in his arms and took her to the bedroom where he made love to her.

To be continued…

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