Love In Paradise – Part 21

A Ringing Party Surprise

Sasha regrettably started to prepare for the day her baby was to leave. He was to leave in less than a week and as the days past she grew sadder. She was torn inside, and there was no doubt about it, but she tried to be strong and kept a pleasant look on her face at all times.

Here was a good man to her and she loved him for that. It wouldn’t be right for her to be selfish, she kept on saying to herself. She had to put her feelings aside and be happy for Abe. He was her rock through her hardest times; he gave her no reason for her to feel like he would not return to her.

The next couple of days they spent almost every second together. One night, while eating dinner a great idea popped into her head.

“I have an idea!” she said with excitement.

“Do share.” He urged her, eager to find out what was going on in her brain.

“Well, I was doing some thinking to myself and I think I should throw you a party, “she said.

“A party?” He started “Do you mean a going away party?”

“Yes, and I better get started tomorrow,” she exclaimed.

A going away party was the last thing she wanted to be throwing but she wanted to show her appreciation plus she thought it would keep her occupied as the days ran off.

The next day she started creating her surprise party list. She had a color theme planned and menu ready. She began calling caterers and the guests from the guest list she and Abe created the night before.

The party started on time but as usual the guests were late. Sasha decided to put up some last minute decorations while she waited for the guests to arrive. Thirty minutes later the first guest arrived. She made her way to the door to greet him.

“Welcome,” she said with a warm smile.

The party started to fill up nicely and the vibes was just right. An hour later Abe arrived. The guests were happy and Abe was happy.

“Hello… Attention, please!” Abe said demanding the attention of everyone in the room. The guests paused their chatter and focused their eyes on Abe. “Hi,” he said and chuckled nervously upon realizing that all the eyes in the room was now on him. “I have something to say,” he started.

Abe looked super nervous. He started to clear his throat and unbutton the first two top buttons. He scanned the room and began to talk.

“I got a job opportunity… The most amazing opportunity I could ever get in my life. I worked really hard all my life, and now I was getting recognition for it.” He said with excitement in his voice.

“But then… I thought to myself something is missing.” He continued pointing at his lady Sasha who was standing in the corner looking confused. He started to walk towards her, held her hands and kissed her.

“What I am trying to say is.” He said, taking a box from out of his back pocket.

Sasha eyes started to tear up as she raised her hand over her mouth.

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