Love In Paradise – Part 19

Christmas Joy

Sasha woke up to the greatest feeling ever. She was happy and relaxed. Glancing at the clock in the corner she knew it was time to get up, but she didn’t want to. She was just comfortable where she was. The place was extremely cold, more so now since it was winter time and snowing in the U.K.

The snowflakes looked like tiny dots in the sky and gently fell on top of the trees, streets, roofs, and cars. She had on two layers of clothing and a thick comforter that kept her warmed throughout the night.

It was finally Christmas morning, and she really had to get out of bed.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of happiness and love and sharing the time with loved ones. The last couple of Christmases were horrible for her, but this one was bound to be different.

“Good Morning” Abe whispered in her ears.

“Good Morning.” She said smiling and kissing him on the lips.

“Merry Christmas baby and I love you.” He added.

“Merry Christmas and I love you very much.” She replied.

He flung his arms around her and lowered his head back down on the pillow indicating that he too was not ready to get up.

They had been up all night wrapping the presents they bought for the each other and family members and as soon as that was finished they headed over to their friends’ house to enjoy the Christmas Eve party they were throwing.

Breakfast wasn’t going to cook itself, and she had invited guests over so she knew it was time to get up.

She and Abe had only been dating for less than a year, but it felt like years to Sasha. They were really into each other, and they both thought getting to know each other was more important than titles, so they went on many dates and spent a lot of time together instead of being sexual right off the bat.

Their plan seemed to be working because they were able to discover things about each other that they really liked and things that they didn’t like but were able to come to a compromise about. Chrystal really liked him too and that just made everything better. Now, she finally found someone who she could potentially start family with and that just made her so happy.

“Merry Christmas Mommy, Merry Christmas Abe.” Chrystal said and she came running into the room. She was very excited about Christmas as it was her favourite holiday. She was also very excited to open her presents that she discovered under the tree that morning. “Can I go open my presents now?” she asked in her angelic voice.

“Sure you can.” Sasha replied and she darted off.

As she ripped the present wrapping off the box her smile started to grow bigger and bigger. When she was finished unwrapping all of her presents, she gave them each a hug and ran to her room to try out her new toys. It was clear that she was happy. Christmas was going right, just perfect.

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