Love In Paradise – Part 18

Abe, the new man in Sasha’s life

Growing up with females in his home, it is clear why Abe had so much respect for women. He grew up with his mother and grandmother for most of his years. His mom and dad were separated, but his family was definitely present in his life. Being the oldest son, he became the man of the house from a very young age, working and providing for his family. He wasn’t quite where he wanted to be in life, but he was doing just fine.

Unlike the other guys Sasha dated, he didn’t have fancy cars or expensive jewelry. He was the simple kind of guy who lived within his means. He lived in a simple 4-bedroom home just about 15 minutes from where Sasha lived.

He had no kids, but he loved Sasha’s baby like she was his own. Immediately after they started dating, he stepped in and played the role of Chrystal’s father. He helped her with her homework at nights and went to all her ballerina recitals.

When he was younger, his grandma made sure he understood why it was important to be polite and knowing the difference between right and wrong and that is what he planned on teaching Chrystal. Chrystal loved Abe, too. She didn’t get the chance to meet her real father, but she accepted Abe as her own and treated him as her real father.

Abe could cook and he thought he should surprise Sasha by cooking her one of her favorite dishes, Italian penne pasta. He rushed home after work and headed straight to the grocery store to get a few ingredients. As soon as he got home, he got started on his masterpiece. In less than an hour, the meal was finished and ready to be served.

He got a call from Sasha immediately after saying she was on her way to his home. Knowing he had only 15 minutes to get ready, he headed straight to the bathroom to take a shower and got dressed for the special evening he had planned for his lady. The ringing of the doorbell let him know she was at the door.

“Hello Beautiful,” he said as he greeted her at the door.

Unable to help herself from blushing, she smiled and said, “Hello,” in a gentle voice.

He led her to the table where he had dinner displayed. Not knowing that he had major plans that night she gasped in shock and sat on the chair he had drawn out for her.

“Thank you,” she said.

The evening proceeded and everything was going well. Love was definitely in the air and knocking on both their hearts. She had a feeling inside of her that she never felt before. She was in love with him, she was happy, and she was content.  She could only stare at him and smile because she finally found someone who deserved her heart.

She took his hands in her hands, kissed it and said, ‘I love you baby.”

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