Love In Paradise – Part 17

The new beginning

There was certain calm in the air that morning as she took her daughter school. Looking at her in the rear view mirror, bobbing her head to the music and humming the song she could tell that it was her favorite song.

She lived in a small apartment in London with just her daughter. It has been almost 5 years since Sasha fully migrated to England. She decided that she no longer had a reason to stay in the States and packed all her stuff and migrated. Her little baby Chrystal was out of kindergarten and going to elementary school near where they lived.

Sasha was pretty much depressed during her pregnancy. She never felt so alone in her life but her baby was her responsibility and she had to deal with it. The birth of her daughter brought about a sense of empowerment within her and ever since then Sasha worked really hard to take back control over her life. She got a really great apartment and an amazing job as the creative editor at a prominent social media.

“Bye mommy.” Chrystal said waving and running towards her friends.

“Have a good day today.”

Bill tried to get in contact with Sasha a few weeks after their big fight. He told her he was sorry about what happened and only wanted to take care of his child. Feeling hurt and betrayed she fled the country she fled the country, denying him the right to be in her daughter’s life. Though it was a hard decision to make she knew things would be better if Chrystal didn’t know him.

Sasha met someone in London. The first three years were really hard for her. She found it hard to trust people, let alone entertain a new suitor. It took her a while before she made new friends. Her brother lived 3 hours away from her, so she hardly saw him.

She started meeting new friends at work. Just like her crew in the States, this group had two ladies that reminded her of Pat and Laura. Putting them through a series of tests, she realized it was time to stop the foolishness and start trusting people again.

Friendship grew and the friend’s list grew, too. Soon she had a great circle of friends she could always hang out with. As time progressed, her life started to get better.

She met a few men that were interested, but Abe was the one who captured her heart. The relationships started off slow. She allowed him to court; she knew he was worth going the extra mile for.

His family was lovely and accepting of her. Even though she already had a child from another man, they loved her and how she made Abe happy. In no time, he was head over heels with her and wanted the world to know it. She loved him too. She wanted so much to have a family, and she knew she could start one with Abe.

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