Love In Paradise – Part 16

The shock and awe!

The news hit Sasha really hard.

The shocking news stopped her heart for a brief minute. She couldn’t believe what the doctor was saying, but when he showed her the test and the results she started to realize that it was her new reality. She sat there in silence for a few minutes. She felt numb. The room was quiet now and the smile on the doctor’s face quickly disappeared when he saw Sasha’s reaction to the news.

“A baby” she whispered to herself. Having a child was the furthest thing from Sasha’s mind. There was still tension between Bill and Sasha. He didn’t call her or text her since the last argument they had.

She tried calling him, but he rejected her calls. There was no way she was going to raise a baby by herself either. Since he told her to stay at home while he works, she didn’t have a steady income and for the most part she was heavily reliant on him.

She really loved him and hoped that things would work out between them. She gave up a lot for him, but she started to feel betrayed when she saw a message from another lady. Why would he act like that? Was she wrong to ask him anything?

All these questions floating in her mind and no answers.

She was feeling depressed and not sure what to do. She had been avoiding her friends as well. She wasn’t ready to tell them what had been happening, and she definitely didn’t need their pity. There she sat on the living floor crying her eyes out, trying to figure out the next step.

She had so much pain in her heart and swollen eyes. She felt like she had no choice. Life as she knew it was way too hard and she no longer had a passion for living. She held the knife in her hand and aimed for her belly.

She woke up in a hospital bed surrounded by family members. They were more thrilled that she was alive and well rather than being upset that she tried to take her own life.  She was shocked that she survived but grateful nevertheless. Everything was so overwhelming and she needed a break.

There was something about the air in England that made her felt at home.  The sun was out and the birds were chirping happily on the tree branches. The air was still.

Only a few months had passed but a lot of things changed since that awful night. She was more relaxed and happier. She was happy to be in a new country, around her family. They provided her with all the love and support she needed. She thought about leaving everything behind and moving to England because everything was much.

“I’m so glad you are here, sis. You just need to be around us.” her brother said.

“I’m so glad I’m here. It’s really good to be here. I’ve been going through a lot.”

“We will keep you safe, sis.”  

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Yvad Billlings, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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