Love In Paradise – Part 14

The newly weds

Love InShe had a whole new life now. The marriage brought along a lot of changes in Sasha’s life.  After the excitement of being married wore off, tension started to grow between Sasha and Bill.

While they truly loved each other, there were a few things they could not agree on. For one, he loved hanging out with the guys from his office after work.

Sometimes, they would play soccer or go by the bar to play pool or have a few drinks. Sasha didn’t like this very much because she was often lonely at home and needed his company.

She didn’t have many friends where they lived, and so she only would go out with her friends whenever they came to town.

Sitting down in the living room sofa in front of the TV set, she desperately skipped through the channels to find something to watch. Most of her days were like this, boring and lonely.  She no longer worked.

Bill told Sasha right after they got married that he made enough so that she didn’t have to work and told her she should stay home and take care of the house. A housewife is what he called her.

While the idea seemed fun and she really needed a break from work, she soon grew tired of being at home in the days. Of course, with him being the sole earner of the household, it also meant he had to work late at nights.

He bought her lovely gifts and took her on trips, but those things only offered temporary happiness and she was searching for something more fulfilling.

Whenever she tried to tell him how she was feeling, he would snap at her, telling her he was under a lot of stress at work and would rather go to sleep,

This only made her furious. Then they would argue all night long until they both gave up and fell asleep.  That was pretty much their life on a daily basis and the night before was no different.

As she sat on the sofa, she decided she would do something different for her husband tonight. She would cook him dinner and wait for him in a sexy lingerie like she saw on her daytime soap opera. She flipped to the cooking channel to see what was coming on.

She finally found a dish she could prepare, so she wrote the ingredients and the instructions and got started.  After 1 hour and 30 minutes, she was finally finished and it looked great. She knew Bill would love it. She rushed upstairs to take a shower and get dressed because Bill was only a few minutes away.

She turned off all the lights in the house and made a candle trail towards the dining room. She sat at the dining room table and waited for him to open the door.

Finally, he was at the door. He turned the knob to find the house in darkness. He could see the flickering light on the wall and decided to follow it. To his surprise he found his wife all dressed up with dinner waiting for him to arrive.

“I love you,” was all he could say.

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