Love In Paradise – Part 12

The engagement

He was a bit nervous. This was the first time he was proposing to anyone. He was a little nervous at first, thinking it was too soon. He even asked his friends and family for advice.  They all loved Sasha, so they all gave him their blessings and encouraged him to propose.

He had been walking around with the ring for weeks and thought today was just the perfect time to do it. He couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted her to be his wife. “So?’ he asked. He had been kneeling for about a minute now waiting for her reply.

Sasha was still in shock. She had never been proposed to before. She always imagined her big day ever since she was a little girl. She knew she wanted to get married, but this proposal was a shocker. She surely didn’t see it coming.

Bill was everything she could ask for in a man. He really was different from a lot of the guys she dated. He was caring and loving. He was more than a lover; he was also her friend.  He was someone she could count on, gave her advice when she needed it, and was always there to give a shoulder to cry on. Of course, she wanted to marry him and she wasn’t going to let him go this time.   “Yes… Yes I want to marry you. “She finally said with tears streaming down her face.”

Later that night, there celebrated at one of her favorite restaurants. He ordered her favorite wine and bought dessert.  Her heart was full and happy and she was just glowing.

The next couple of days the shock and anxiety started to build up. She still couldn’t believe she was engaged. So much so she didn’t tell any of her family or friends.

Every chance she got she would check online stores for wedding dress designs and classy venues for the wedding.  They didn’t decide on a date but she couldn’t help but to look around to get a few ideas. She decided that the news was way too big to keep to her, so she decided that after three days, enough time had passed, it was real and she needed to tell her friends and family the good news.

One by one she called her family members to tell them about her recent title. Everyone was so happy for her. Each time she told the story, it hit her that she was to become someone’s wife soon.

She decided that she would invite her friend Pat over to break the good news.  A few hours later Pat arrived. She could hardly keep the smile of her face when she finally revealed the reason she was invited over.

“I have something to tell you, something happened.” Sasha said.

“You’re pregnant!” was Pat’s first guess.

“Nope.” She chuckled at her friend’s response.

“Well what is it?” she asked, trying to figure out what else it could be.

“I’m… well we’re getting married!”

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