Love In Paradise – Part 11

The Talk

He was the last person she would expect to see.

“Let’s talk. Please just hear what I have to say.” He begged.

She stood there for a minute contemplating if she should let him in or not. Bill broke her heart and there was nothing he could say to her to take back the hurt she felt. After a few minutes of standing and staring, she decided to let him in. “Come in.”

The silence was awkward but strange enough she was used to it. They had their fair share of arguments when they were together. There was always an awkward silence before they started to share what was on their minds.

“I’ll start,” he began. He started to explain. A surge of emotions started to fill her body. She really did care for him and thought it would last but she really couldn’t forgive his cheating ways.

“Let me just think about all that you said because I honestly don’t know. I still do care for you but you really hurt me,” she confessed.

“I know I did and I just want another chance to prove to you how much I care about you,” he promised.

The next couple of days they remained friendly. He would send her messages and call her occasionally to see if she was ok. She started to think about him and all he said to her on the couch.

She started to think about all the good times they had and wondered if they could ever get back to that point again. After a couple of weeks of friendly conversations, they started to go out on a few dates and together they decided to try their relationship again.

Her life was filled with meaning again. Bill was a changed man. He said he was sorry and that he would change and Sasha was seeing that. His actions and attitude showed he was sorry and that he was making all efforts to make things better. Each day got better and better, the relationship grew stronger and stronger.

One day, Bill decided to take her out for dinner. Little did she know what was going to happen next. She got dressed and waited for him to pick her up. He took her to one of the finest restaurants in the city. The waitress took them to a secluded area of the restaurant so that they could be alone. She was glowing under the candlelight.  She could tell there was something he wanted to say to her but decided to ignore it. Little beads of sweat gather on his forehead. As the night progressed, he started to look a bit more relaxed. He had the band serenade to her a medley of her favorite songs.

“Sasha, I really care about you. I am glad you gave me the chance. I promised that I wouldn’t hurt you ever again. I want you in my life.” He said in a sweet, calm tone.

He took out a small box out of his pocket, knelt down, and revealed an engagement ring.

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