Love In Paradise – Part 10

The night after

Sasha was shocked. She didn’t expect Bill to be at the club. After he told her about his cheating ways she avoided him as much she could. All she wanted to do was to forget about him.

“Do you know him?” William asked looking a little confused.

“Yes I do. He is the guy I was telling you about.” She confessed.

“Oh. I’ll go.” He replied looking a little disappointed. They were having such a good time that night he just wanted to get to know her.

“No, don’t go. Just take me to the bathroom.” She asked.

William took her hands and led her to the bathroom. Left standing alone in the middle of the dance floor Bill took the hint and left.

The next morning she woke up in bed with a horrible hang over. She was in her pajamas which meant someone took her home and undressed her.

She tried and tried to remember the events that took place the night before but the last thing she could remember was that awful encounter with Bill.

She wasn’t quite ready to enter into a new relationship with another guy because she still needed time to heal but she knew for certain she would not get back together with Bill. He broke her heart once and she was not going to give him another opportunity.

She decided to make her way downstairs to her kitchen.  Someone else was in the house with her because the room was filled with the smell of freshly cooked breakfast.

“Morning sleepy head,” Pat said holding a plate of golden pancakes in her hand.

Sasha sighed in relief to see her friend Pat in the kitchen. At one point she started to wonder if she had brought William home.  “Morning, what happened last night?” she asked still a little curious about the events that she couldn’t seem to remember.

“Well let’s just say we had fun, you got sick and then we took you home and being the awesome friend that I am I stayed with you and now you’re eating breakfast.” She said with a smile on her face.  “But William, he seemed to really like you. He made sure you got home safely last night.”

“He was really nice.” She said remembering parts of the former night. After breakfast she went straight back to bed. She had a lot to drink the night before and it really had her feeling weak. Before Pat left she instructed Sasha to drink lots and lots of water so that the feeling would quickly pass.

A loud banging on the door woke her up. It was the weekend; she had a hung over and was definitely not in the mood for company.

She decided to ignore it in hopes that the person would take a hint. The hint wasn’t received and the visitor seemed determine to knock until their knocks were answered.

Unable to fall back asleep Sasha decided to go downstairs to see who it was. From the shadows in the glass she could tell it was a guy.   It must be William she thought to herself as it. When she opened the door to reveal who her visitor was her jaw dropped.

The last person she would expect on her doorway was standing in front of her.

“Please, let me in. We need to talk.”  He said.

To Be Continued…

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