Love In Paradise

“The I do”

Finally, the big day came. Today was going to be the beginning of her new life with her fiancé. As she sat in the powder room, waiting on her cue to march down the aisle, she started to reflect on the long journey that took her to her current situation.

They had a few rough patches that’s for sure but she knew how she felt about him and loved the way he made her feel. She knew he was the one for her, and she was ready to take the step further with her husband by her side.

Her hair was caught in a soft bun on the top of her head to reveal her beautiful tan skin. Her makeup was light and natural looking which highlighted her eyes and striking cheek bones. Her dress was just everything she could dream of. Her Vera Wang sweetheart neckline ball gown dress transformed her into a modern day Cinderella.

Her heart was beating loud and heavy under her skin. She was nervous and it showed. The location for the ceremony looked like the pictures in the magazines.  Everything was white with a hint of red.

The bridal party wore red dresses, and the groom’s men wore white tuxedos with red ties. The church walls were made out of old antique white stones and featured stained glass all the way around.  The guests started to arrive one by one.

She was never the best public speaker, so she decided to practice what she wanted to say. She paced the room trying to recite her vows in her head but soon became frustrated when her nerves made it harder and harder for her to retain the lines.

“Breathe.” Pat said to her friend, trying to comfort her.

Sasha sighed and reached for her friend’s hand. “I’m just so nervous.”

“You will do fine. You look so beautiful.” She said putting her hand on her friend’s shoulder to comfort her.

The sudden knock on the door startled the bridal party who was all pretty nervous and anxious to get the wedding going. One by one they walked down the aisle in the order they practiced the couple of nights before. Finally it was time, it was time to say I do.

Her heart was filled with happiness as she slowly walked down the aisle towards her fiancé. She smiled and gripped her bouquet trying not to fall or trip on her dress. As she walked, her eyes connected with her family and friends who all wore a proud smile on their face watching her take this major step.

Words could not truly express the way she was feeling at the moment as she held his hands and looked in his eyes. She could see him trying to blink away the tears which made her soft inside.

“I do” she replied with a smile and a sigh of relief.

“I do.” Bill replied taking his wife hands.

This was the day her life changed. They became one.

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