Love In Paradise

The Anniversary Bliss

That was definitely an anniversary to remember she thought to herself. She felt young and in love again. As she lay there facing her husband, they both looked at each other, yearning each other.

Love In“Good morning my beautiful wife,” he said as he placed his finger on her nose.

“Good morning.” She replied with a smile, then trying to bite his finger.

“About last night….” he continued and then bursting into a huge smile.

They spent a few minutes smiling from the memories of the night’s activities and how much fun they had. It had been a while since they had been intimate, and it had seemed as if the two were now drunk off the love they had for each other. There was a certain glow on both their faces and they had become infatuated with each other over and over again. They were happy, happier than they had been in the last couple of years. The third anniversary was their best one yet.

The alarm went off signalling to Abe that it was time for him to get ready for work. He rolled over, rubbed his eyes gently, and hit the snooze button.  Time certainly flies when you don’t want it to. If he could only freeze time he would. They started to talk and plan things that they would do together in the upcoming week.

“I hate that I have to go to work today,” he said to her. If he could he would lie there but Abe was the kind of man that would never miss work even if he was on his death bed. He took extreme pride in his work and felt empowered each and every morning whenever he went to work.

She stared at him as he got dressed for work. They had the most amazing night last night, and she was feeling sad now that he was going to be leaving in the next hour. She wasn’t sure, but the marriage felt new again. She just simply could not get enough of her husband. She was very fond of the conversation that they had that morning. The creaking sound of the faucet being turned on turned her on as she slowly made her way to the shower that her husband was in.

She slipped into the shower behind and put her hands over his eyes.

“What are you doing? I have work,” he whispered.

“I have a surprise for you. Do you want it?” she replied.

“It depends. Will I like it?” he answered. His tone made it evident that he was interested in what his wife had to offer.

“You’ll have to find out,” she replied. As soon as the words could escaped her mouth, he turned around to face her. He leaned over and held her face and stared into her eyes deeply before kissing her on her lips. He began to caress her naked body with his hands. The passion began to build up inside with every second that passed by.

He stormed out of the shower grabbed the phone, and called his office. He paced the floor anxiously awaiting an answer from the other end. ”Hello, Tracy. I’m not coming in today. I’m feeling sick,” he said.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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