Love In Paradise – Part 23

The Wedding!

She whispered a silent prayer that all would go well. She wanted to see the end of it, the end of what happened before. She wanted to move forward with her life.

Love In“Will you, Sasha Ford, take Abe McKenzie to be your lawfully wedded husband…?”

“I do,” she said as tears streamed down her face. Abe wanted to cry also but held back, being the strong man that he was.

“Will you, Abe McKenzie, take Sasha Ford to be your lawfully wedded wife…?” “I do” he said almost in a whisper, as he held her two hands and stared in her face.

The men were standing to the back of the crowd, ready to make their move as soon as they could. They were dressed in black tuxedoes and wore dark shades.  “We better be careful, lest she might be harmed.” One said to the other.

“Do you think we should confront her now?” the other asked.

As they were talking to each other, she turned around and both sets of eyes met her glance.

She stared as if she saw a ghost. In a frantic, she discreetly left her seat and tried to leave out of the crowd through a nearby gate. The two men moved swiftly out of the crowd, towards her. They moved so as not to disturb the wedding.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. Abe, you may kiss your beautiful bride.” the pastor said.

While they were kissing and dwelling in the moment of being a newly married couple, the two men caught up with her.

“Stop right there, hands on your heads!” she was told and she started to panic. Fear was getting the better of her.

She was on the run for so long and finally it caught up with her. Mazie, Sasha’s mother was full of tears, angry, furious and devastated. For this to happen on her daughter’s wedding day, was not something she wanted.

“Mrs. Mazie Ford, you are under arrest for the murder of your husband, Sam Ford. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

“Cuff her and take her to the vehicle, I will go back and explain to her daughter where her beloved mother is,” said one of the men in black.

Later on in the evening, Sasha and Abe were at the police station to get a full understanding of what was going on and what had taken place in her mother’s life before she showed up at her doorstep two years ago.

Sasha thought that her mother was bonding with her once again, after running off and leaving her with two younger siblings to take care of. Her dad was sick and was being taken care of in a mental institution.  Sasha was in total shock and could not believe her wedding day was meant to be so eventful in a negative way.

Soon she was able to speak to her mother.

“Sasha my love, I’m extremely sorry that this happened. I totally spoiled your special day. I feel so guilty. I’m the one who should be guiding and comforting you, instead, look at me, at this old age with cuffs on and being thrown in a prison for doing something so bad to someone who was your father. I had to do it, Sasha. It was the only way.” Mazie poured out her heart to her daughter.

“Ma, if you could only explain to me and tell me why, why Ma?” Sasha was so upset.

“I hope you will understand and I hope you will one day find it in your heart to forgive your Ma. You see, Sasha, for years I lived a life of misery, your father cheating on me with every woman that he came across. He used to be very angry when I tried to talk to him. Blaming me for everything, that man!’ she sobbed.

“He had children outside that you and your brothers know nothing about. Sasha, your father was planning to sell the house where we were living and give it to his other children. I couldn’t allow that to happen, so I poisoned his food and that was caused him to get mad. While he was in there for over a year, I was afraid of anyone finding out what I did and so I got a poison spider and went to the hospital where he was. That’s where it happened. I had to get rid of him. It was the only way to do it.’

“That house was being left to your brother Abe McKenzie.”

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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