Let’s Go Honduras For A Visit!

Honduras is located in Central America between Guatemala and Nicaragua. Like the majority of the other countries in Central America, Honduras is filled with mountain ranges. They are absolutely breathtaking. Sometimes, it feels as if the mountains are just a backdrop because they look like they were painted in the sky.

The people of Honduras are polite, warm, and very friendly.

Honduras is heavily influenced by the American culture. There are restaurants that one can easily recognize throughout the country. For example, there are restaurants such as Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, and Cinnabon.

If one is unsure about Honduran food in the beginning, those are good restaurants to start.

Let’s Go Honduras 1A Honduran trademark food that one can try is baleadas. Almost all small restaurants sell these. Baleada Express is the main restaurant, however. Baleadas are tortillas with beans, cream, and cheese.

One may also have other menu items added to the baledas if one chooses. They are delicious and fairly inexpensive.

Then, there are also many different sites that one can visit.

The city of Copan, which is a few hours outside of Guatemala, is a big tourist town. The town has two major attractions that people come from all over the world to see.

Photo credit: Wikipedia - Detail of Stela B, a high relief sculpture from Copán depicting the king.
Photo credit: Wikipedia – Detail of Stela B, a high relief sculpture from Copán depicting the king.

First, there are the Mayan Ruins. This is an outside attraction with plaques that have descriptions. The plaques are written in English as well as Spanish.

One may also choose to have a guided tour or opt to walk around and explore on one’s own. There are also caves available for exploring for an extra cost.

Second, there is a bird park where one can see a large number of beautiful birds.

Lastly, in another city called San Pedro Sula is a market. This is tantamount to a massive art fair. One can go here to purchase almost anything that is tourist related. The prices are also very reasonable.

It is very easy to fall in love with this country. It is beautiful and the people are extremely welcoming.

Any chance for a visit to Central America, Honduras is definitely the place to go.

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