Latest In Ukraine: Dam Blown Up In Country’s South Unleashes Torrent Of Water, Evacuations

Ukraine and Russia accused each other of blowing up a major dam Tuesday near Kherson in southern Ukraine, setting off a new crisis in the war-torn country.

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam in an area of Ukraine occupied by Russian troops unleashed a torrent of water and forced the evacuation of hundreds of people living along the Dnipro River. Streets and town squares of nearby towns were submerged.

Looking downstream, Russia controls the left bank of the river and the dam itself, while Ukraine holds the right bank.

The Russian-installed administration of Ukraine’s Kherson region said it was preparing to evacuate three districts — Nova Kakhovka, Hola Prystan, and Oleshky. The latter two lie across the mouth of the Dnipro River from the Ukrainian-held regional capital, Kherson.


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 Yvad Billings Readers Bureau, Contributor

 Edited by Jesus Chan

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