Ladies Can Be Healthy And Sexy After Age 40

The Importance of Health and Fitness after age 40

Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Halle Berry.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Halle Berry.

The cliché “forty is the new thirty” is often said in the world of glitz, glamour and fashion. This may very well be so as plastic and cosmetic surgery have made this possible with tucks here and there aided by the surgical scalpel, laser and Botox. For those of us who remain conservative, the Health and Wellness Industry is presenting us with a menu of choices which include healthful eating, physical activities, and therapies to overcome tobacco and alcohol addiction, tips for good oral and mental health.

The cosmetic industry must be saluted as their scientists work tirelessly to formulate skin products which promise to banish the wrinkles, tone the skin and give eyes and lip a rejuvenated appearance.

Challenges to Health and Fitness after age 40

There are key biological changes occurring in the female body during the mid-years in response to decreasing hormonal levels. These changes affect:

Physical Health

  1. Fertility
  2. Bone density
  3. Increased risk for cardiovascular diseases
  4. Increased risk for certain cancers

Mental Health and Well-being

Menopause marks the end of a woman’s fertility years. The hormonal changes also affect her psychological and emotional well-being. Many women describe a roller-coaster experience with their emotions.

Women in their mid-life are trying to balance taking care of their families and working to earn a living. Often times she is neglecting her own health and well-being.

The key risk factors that contribute to the chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases and cancers) are:

  • Unhealthy eating
  • Physical inactivity
  • Smoking
  • Harmful use of alcohol

Policy on smoke-free spaces reduces the risk of exposure to second hand smoking. The HPV vaccine is reducing the risk of developing cervical cancer from the human papilloma virus.

Health promotion and screening for diseases are two effective strategies used for disease prevention. Early detection of the following diseases improves the outcome and longevity of women:

o   Breast cancer

o   Cardiovascular diseases

o   Cervical cancer

o   Colon cancer

Early initiation of treatment is extremely important once a diagnosis has been confirmed. Medical interventions are aimed at reversing or controlling the progress of diseases and in so doing minimize the deleterious effects on health. Due to advances in medicine and surgery many are able to restore health and live a fairly good quality of life. Thanks to rehabilitation therapy after medical and surgical interventions, persons are able to be functional with the help of prosthesis, physical therapy and excellent homecare.

Tips for achieving and maintaining Health and Fitness

It is never too late to start a Health and Fitness program.

  1. Women diagnosed with cardiovascular or respiratory diseases must discuss with the doctor whether they are well enough to engage in physical activity.
  2. Consult your physician about being screened for chronic non-communicable diseases including cancers.
  3. The physical therapist can assess the condition of your limbs and joints and prescribe the types of exercises that are safe.
  4. Consult a nutritionist for advice on a healthy eating plan. Like exercise, the healthy eating plan should be individualized taking into consideration any diagnosed condition and whether there is a need for weight loss.

Be patient with your efforts and do have a buddy system to encourage and cheer you on for every small step made towards achieving your goal.

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