Kombucha: The Key To Potential Weight Loss?

Obesity is a growing crisis around the globe. Eating right and exercising are significant components in keeping one waist slim and trim, but it isn’t always enough. Some people find themselves in an endless cycle of dieting, only to see at best they maintain their weight, and at worst they even gain some.

It can be tempting to give up, even as one watch his or her blood pressure soars right along with one’s scale numbers, but hope may be just around the corner.

An ancient fermented drink first brewed in China called Kombucha could be the key to help one to lose those unwanted pounds.

Kombucha has not been thoroughly studied as yet, but that hasn’t stopped people from enjoying its benefits.

Here are three reasons why this sparkling drink that tastes a bit like apple cider are so popular with those seeking to lose weight.

  1. Billions of probiotics in every glass

 For many people, difficulty in losing weight is thought to be caused by poor digestion. Good bacteria are vital for one’s body’s health. (1) They help to limit excess weight gain, absorb nutrients better, and prevent excess gas build up.

When there aren’t enough good bacteria to colonize one’s gut, harmful bacteria can take over. These harmful bacteria can slow down one’s metabolism, make one feels hungrier than he or she is, and even mess with one’s mood.

Kombucha brims with the good bacteria which one needs to keep his or her digestive tract healthy. The good bacteria in the Kombucha can gradually replace any bad bacteria one may have, leading to a healthier body and slimmer waistline over time.

  1. Reduces cravings

 Weight gain can happen very quickly when one is always reaching for his or her favorite comfort foods. Staying away is harder than it sounds, especially if one is feeling stressed from a busy work life or trouble at home. Kombucha can help reduce cravings through micronutrients in the drink that are quickly absorbed by one’s gut.

The micronutrients can help reduce one’s desires for a huge slab of chocolate or a bag of chips, aiding in one’s weight loss efforts.

  1. Good for your blood sugar

The same bacteria that help out with the rest of one’s body functions can also help with one’s blood sugar, too. Kombucha can assist in regulating one’s insulin levels as well as helping in the balancing of one’s blood sugar levels.

Kombucha has a lot to offer even if one is not looking for a weight loss cure. It is an incredibly healthy drink that one can either brew at home using a “Scoby,” black tea, and sugar, or buy at the store. (A scoby is the bacteria you ferment the drink with and is readily available online.)

Whichever way one chooses, he or she will receive the benefits of nutrients and probiotics every time one drinks a glass of this 2,000-year-old recipe. (2)

If one is ready to say goodbye to those extra pounds, try a small glass of Kombucha in the morning for a healthy start to meet the day.




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