JCA Set To Support President Ricky Skerritt For Second Term

The Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) looks set to endorse Ricky Skerritt and his team to lead Cricket West Indies (CWI) for a second term.

According to a Hitz 92 FM radio station report, the first vice president of the Jamaica Cricket Association, Dr. Donovan Bennett, said he had seen enough for Ricky Skerritt to continue his reign at the helm of West Indies cricket.

“I am happy with what he has done so far,” said Dr. Bennett.

In 2019, Jamaica Cricket Association did not support Dave Cameron in his bid for re-election as President of CWI.

Dr. Bennett said he had issues with aspects of the West Indies’ governance under the previous administration.

“My support or lack of support in the last election had nothing to do with the performance on the field. It was not a performance on the field problem that I had. My problem had to do with other aspects of the running of cricket at the West Indies level,” posited Bennett.

He further said that although the team continues to perform below par, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“Yes, we are not doing well now on the field, but a lot of systems have been put in place by the current President to ensure that what happened in the past will never happen again,” Dr. Bennett stated.

He said there had been rumblings of a challenge for the top position by a CWI insider, and he has been contacted for support.

“I have heard rumors….I have gotten at least one call asking for my support. At this point in time there are rumblings, but nobody has officially so far thrown their hats into the ring as far as I know,” said Bennett.

Nigel Bell, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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