Jamaica’s Winnifred Beach Among Leading Newspaper’s 10 Best Beaches

In an article entitled, “10 best beaches you’ve never heard of,” The Guardian, one of the U.K.’s leading newspapers, listed Winnifred Beach in Jamaica as one these beaches.

According to The Guardian, “The rest of the world may not have heard of Winnifred, but it’s famous in Jamaica for the simple and quite depressing reason that it’s one of the few remaining free public beaches on the island. The majority charge or are for the exclusive use of resorts.”

Photo Credit: - Fairy Hill Beach (AKA Winnifred Beach).
Photo Credit: – Fairy Hill Beach (AKA Winnifred Beach).

Winnifred Beach is located in the Fairy Hill community in the parish of Portland, on the eastern end of Jamaica.

The beach has been used for generations by Jamaicans as well as tourists who visit the island for relaxation and fun.

WINNIFRED BEACH“The sand is soft and white and the calm turquoise water perfect for swimming as it’s protected by a coral reef,” reported The Guardian.

The fact is many people visit the beach regularly especially as a result of having free entry and also for its authentic, rustic, and pleasant setting.

“Watch the local lads catch angelfish with their bare hands. Go on the weekend and see Jamaica at play: reggae pumping out, the sweet, smoky aroma of jerk chicken in the air, beach shacks selling cold beer, families hanging out, and football matches you might be able join in,” urged the Guardian in its article.

The other beaches on the Guardian list are:

* Vault Beach, Cornwall, U.K.;

* Praia do Rosa, Brazil;

* Playa del Silencio, Costa Verde, Spain;

* Memory Cove, Lincoln National Park, Australia;

* Shelly Beach, Kenton-on-Sea, South Africa;

* St Lucie Inlet, Florida, U.S.;

* Torre Lapillo Bay, Porto Cesareo, Puglia, Italy;

* Banana Beach, Phuket, Thailand; and

* Redi, Maharashtra, India.

The Guardian also reported that hotel developers have had their eye set on a takeover bid of the Winnifred Beach for years, but a five-year legal battle ended in success for the local community last November when a court ruled that public access to the beach should remain.

In the past, the government had announced that through the Urban Development Corporation it intended to turn the beach into a beach park, complete with “a ticket office, guard post (and) business offices”.

It had also planned to build beach cottages and sell residential lots as Fairy Hill Phase Two.

Today, Winnifred Beach is operated by the Winnifred Benevolent Society.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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