Jamaica’s Tourism Sector Set To Exceed Growth Targets

According to Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, the targets under the 5x5x5 plan are way ahead of schedule, placing the sector on an unprecedented growth path.

The five-year growth targets, set in 2016, are aimed at attracting five million tourists, generating US$5 billion in earnings and increasing total direct employment to 125,000 while adding 15,000 rooms.

“In only three years, we have either achieved some of our targets or we are close to achieving others. We are way ahead of projections and should easily achieve the 5x5x5 by 2021,” Bartlett said in a news report.

He said that the sector currently employs 127,600 workers directly with induced and indirect employment at approximately 250,000.

“We have been strategic and deliberate in our growth strategies and it has paid off, as now we have exceeded our employment targets just two years shy of the timeline set,” he noted.

He noted that arrivals and earnings are “well within striking distance” in year three of the five-year projection, showing increases of nine percent and 10.2 percent, respectively.

“Arrivals as of now stand at 4.4 million, while earnings are at US$3.7 million,” the Minister said.

Carol May, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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