Jamaica’s Prime Minister — Portmore Set To Secure Parish Status

Prime Minister Andrew Holness in an address noted that the community of Portmore in St. Catherine has been evolving in a manner that now positions it to secure parish status. 

Mr. Holness said once a community records notable growth and development in the way Portmore has, particularly since becoming a municipality, it should be given the requisite support to advance its governance structure. 

“Once you start to see emerging in a people, a certain level of independence and expression of their sense of self and will, you [should] start to match that with the institutions of governance.”

Prime Minister Holness noted that the establishment of the Portmore Municipality has contributed significantly to the development and expansion of businesses in the area. 

Consequently, he said with the proposed parish status, “we are taking it one step further, so you will have greater independence and autonomy in determining that self-expression.” 

“We need to improve the prospect of Portmore, by making it a parish, increasing its level of governance and administration, and putting the area more [in line] with its uniqueness to pursue its own vision,” Mr. Holness stated. 

He added that this dream can become more of a reality with the community “being a parish with [its own] sense of direction and governance.” 

“That is why we are now going through this very important process of consultation, to get consensus as to how we move forward,” Mr. Holness said. 

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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