Jamaica’s Prime Minister Charges That Rich Countries Are Hoarding COVID-19 Vaccines

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has accused rich nations of hoarding COVID-19 vaccines while poorer countries wait to get doses.

Mr. Holness made the charge while speaking on Bloomberg QuickTake program recently.

He said Jamaica might not receive vaccines until around April and rich countries have a false notion of security if they think by excluding other countries, they are safe.

“I think prudent planning would be to ensure that there is a consummate spread of the vaccine right across the world because the world has to reach a certain threshold in vaccination in order for us to defeat the virus,” said Holness.

“I think it’s a false sense of security, unless you intend to close your borders permanently, that would give anyone a thought to believe that if you vaccinate your population alone then you’re safe,” he asserted. 

Mr. Holness opined that Jamaica was doing well in its COVID-19 fight, relative to its resources and compared to other countries.

“Today’s statistics here revealed that we had less than five per cent positivity rate and our infections were somewhere in the region of 40… so we’re doing fairly well,” he declared.

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