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Jamaica’s Pickapeppa Gets Prestigious Global Food Safety Initiative Certificate

The Jamaican family-owned Pickapeppa Co Ltd has achieved the prestigious Global Food Safety Initiative Certificate (GFSI), Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) at its factory in Shooters Hill, Manchester.

This recognition places the manufacturers of premium quality sauces among only 17,000 companies worldwide that have so far achieved this certification and positions the company to continue to expand its growth in the highly competitive export market.

“Our overseas distributors told us that without a GFSI our markets simply could not develop. In fact, they warned of quite the reverse,” a company release quotes CEO Stephen Lyn Kee Chow.

“Every member of the Pickapeppa team rose to the challenge without hesitation and we are extremely proud of their achievement. We have invested significantly in the infrastructure of our factory, made major improvements to our processes and expanded them into all areas of the business,” he added.

The company’s product range includes Pickapeppa Original Sauce, Spicy Mango, Hot Mango, Gingery Mango, and Hot Pepper sauce.

“The process of crafting our flagship Pickapeppa Sauce is a timely and meticulous operation. The exact details of the formula, which are kept securely in a bank vault, are known only to the family members, passed down from generation to generation. This sauce, like a fine wine, is aged in oak casks to achieve its unique flavor and aromas,” the company explained.

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