Jamaica’s Opposition Leader Names New Shadow Cabinet

Dr. Peter Phillips – Opposition Leader  

Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips has announced a new slate of spokespersons for his shadow cabinet.

Below is a full list of the appointees and their portfolios.

In the Office of the Leader of Opposition:

Dr. Peter Phillips – Defence

Anthony Hylton – Development & National Physical Planning and the National Housing Trust (NHT)

Sophia Fraser Binns – Land and Environment

Natalie Neita – Information, Sports, and Gender (Deputy Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives)

Others include:

Mark Golding – Finance and Planning; with Lambert Brown to assist in the area of Public Service

Fitz Jackson – National Security

Peter Bunting – Industry, Investment and Competitiveness

Phillip Paulwell – Mining and Energy (Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives)

Dr. Fenton Ferguson – Agriculture and Rural Development; with Victor Wright to oversee Rural Development

Dr. Wykeham McNeill – Tourism and Entertainment

Horace Dally – Labour and Welfare; with Floyd Morris responsible for Welfare (in particular, the disabled community)

Lisa Hannah – Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

Damion Crawford  – Youth and Culture

Donna Scott Mottley – Justice

Dr. Angela Brown Burke – Local Government

Dr. Dayton Campbell – Health

Julian Robinson – Science and Technology

Mikael Phillips – Transportation and Works; with Richard Azan responsible for Works

Dr. Morais Guy – Housing

Ian Hayles – Water and Climate Change

Rev Ronald Thwaites – Education and Training; with Michael Stewart overseeing Training

Noel Arscott – Community Development and Social Transformation

Nigel Belle, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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