Jamaica’s Health Minister Bemoans Chronic COVID-19 Situation

Health and Wellness Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, in a report noted that the coronavirus virus spread in Jamaica is putting Jamaica in a dire strait.

He said the situation in hospitals has become more pronounced given the latest increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

The country recorded 723 new infections, pushing the total to 26,026, with 11,039 of the cases being active.

There were also seven additional fatalities, moving the death tally to 453.

The Minister, in a video post on Instagram, warned that Jamaica stand to experience serious setback if people refuse from abiding by the established COVID-19 protocols.

He noted that with the new cases Jamaica has moved to a positivity rate of 35.9%.

“It must sink in that 723 persons in one day, and more importantly, over three out of every 10 persons tested are positive. This means that corona[virus] is right across the length of our population.

“Let it sink in that our public health workers, our nurses, [and] our doctors are going to find it very difficult to cope with those who come in and need medical care.

“Let it sink in that it means longer waits, it means persons having to suffer for longer periods before they can get a bed, and generally speaking, a health system that is going to experience significant stress and fatigue,” Tufton stressed.

The health minister expressed his disappointment with that of the reckless abandonment with which people continue to behave in light of the coronavirus information.

“It must sink in that if you continue to have the parties [and] the ‘drink ups’, if you continue to ignore the protocols around gatherings and you congregate and you don’t wear the mask, then the chances of you getting the coronavirus are real, and the probability is increasing. And when you get to the hospital, the chances of you getting a bed are going to become less and less.

“Jamaicans, people will die! It’s as simple as that. I’m sorry if some persons are offended by this straight and plain talk. But I believe that it is very important that all of us appreciate and understand the consequences of our actions,” said Tufton.

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