Jamaica’s Devon House Numbered Among The Best Ice Cream Parlors

The Daily Meal, a top website covering food and drinks around the world, has named Jamaica’s Devon House ice cream parlor as one of the world’s 30 Best Ice Cream Parlors.

Devon House is located in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. It is one of Jamaica’s most celebrated historical landmarks. It was owned by one of Jamaica’s first black millionaires, George Stiebel.

Stiebel was among three wealthy Jamaicans who constructed elaborate homes during the late 19th century.

Today, the house is owned by the government and is declared a heritage site. It now serves as a place for promoting the development of authentic Jamaican art, craft, education, recreation, shopping, and dining.

The ice cream parlor is a household name throughout the country. It serves a range of 27 different ice cream flavors. Some of which include bordeaux cherry, rocky river, strong back, devon stout, pistachio, coconut coffee, and sour sop.

In 2011, National Geographic named Devon House No. 4 in the top places to eat ice cream in the world.

Here are the Daily Meal top 5 Ice Cream Parlours:

  1. Fenocchio — Nice, France
  2. Bar Gelateria Ercole — Pizzo, Italy
  3. Vipiteno Gelateria — Sao Paulo, Brazil
  4. Antico Caffè Spinnato — Palermo, Italy
  5. Big Gay Ice Cream — New York City, USA
  6. Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream — Seattle, WA
  7. Perché No! — Florence, Italy
  8. CoolHaus — Culver City, CA. — Pasadena, CA. — New York City — Austin, TX
  9. Murphy’s — Dingle, Ireland
  10. Bi-Rite Creamery — San Francisco

Devon House was listed as 29th on the list and is the only Caribbean country to appear on the list.

See full list. 

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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