Jamaica’s Currency

The value of the Jamaican currency has been perplexingly elevated to whom will grace the note they have fittingly debased? It is an aspiration to die for; this much is crystal clear. Even as or if we are trapped in the cynicism of the unsavory plot to ‘deitify’ those who have given us hell, let us with all sincerity wish those who are waiting anxiously in the wings a very long life. That is noteworthy.

Ironically, these notes bearing giants are engineered to go further and buy less. Oh for Shillings with lions on them, instead of lions without Shillings or cents to make an eternal mockery of the noteworthy exchanges accompanied by sighs. These notes of zeroes bearing heroes are predictable. They alarm not so much of danger but of harm. That is noteworthy.

The trouble here isn’t what comes next. We already know our zeroes of three will soon be four and then five and after a long while six.

The problem is that we are excited about making Humpty Dumpty so we can fix him. We are solutions looking for problems, and by golly, we are making them distract from the inability to revalue the Jamaican Dollar.

So, instead of dropping a zero, we have Prime Ministers in the wings and in training, dying to get in on the action.

We have seen this rodeo before. But “No Worries”, we have plenty heroes and Cultural Icons who can lionize our notes and immortalize our “Jamaica Nice” devalued currency. Isn’t it easier to revalue the dollar? I think so.

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Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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