Jamaica Set To Spend $1 Billion In Social Housing Program

Jamaica is set to spend $1 billion on a social housing program that will be implemented island-wide, according to Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke.

He said the program will be implemented through the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation and will include the provision of indigent housing, relocation of vulnerable communities, and the upgrading of tenements.

Additionally, he noted that the allocation to the Jamaica Integrated Community Development Project will be increased by 41 percent or $627 million.

A total of $2 billion will be spent on that project, the minister announced.

He posited the view that the project will contribute to “increased community safety and violence prevention in 17 economically vulnerable and socially volatile communities and enhances access to basic infrastructure and services such as sanitation, water, and electricity.”  

The poverty reduction program will also be getting a boost of 174 percent or $349 million.

The project is the fourth phase of a program supporting poverty reduction in Jamaica through grant funding from the European Union.

Nigel Belle, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan                                                                       

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