Jamaica Rakes In US$1.2 Billion From Tourist Arrivals Since The Start Of The Year

Since the start of the year, tourists continue to show up on Jamaican shores in vast numbers.

Consequently, the island has earned US$1.2 billion from 1.1 million visitor arrivals since the start of the year.

According to Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, arrivals are much higher than last year.

“That performance is seeing a 22 per cent increase in our earnings, up by some US$212 million and our arrivals are up from 800,000 last year to 1.1 million this year,” he posited.

The Minister also noted that most of the visitors to the island were from the United States (U.S.), as other markets such as the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Canada had various coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, which prevented persons from traveling.

He pointed out that with the increase in earnings and visitor arrivals, the industry is playing a pivotal role in the country’s post-pandemic recovery.

“We brought back more than 60,000 workers to their jobs, which were lost as a result of the pandemic,” he noted.

He said that the industry has been “shrewd” in the COVID-19 recovery process and is focused on sustainability “as the centerpiece of the way forward”.

“There is, therefore, no better industry to increase revenues for Jamaica, restore jobs and generate new opportunities in communities across the country than the tourism industry,” said Minister Bartlett.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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