Jamaica Now JLP Country!

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has been re-elected to serve as Government for a second consecutive term, after winning the General Election, held on (Thursday) September 3.

Preliminary results show that the JLP, led by Andrew Holness, has won 49 seats, while the People’s National Party (PNP), led by Dr. Peter Phillips, won 14 seats.

Holness, in his victory speech, said, “The victor is the people of Jamaica. There is indeed cause for celebration… . As I stand here tonight, I am obviously happy to have won, but I want to assure all of you that I do carry this burden with great consideration of the expectations of not just those who elected us, but those who are looking on us for future decisions as to whether or not they will participate in the process.”

He said the nation went into an election with the backdrop of a pandemic, and that the Government will continue to work to keep everyone safe.

Meanwhile, the country will see 15 first-timers serving in Parliament.

The list includes the following:

• Robert Nesta Morgan, JLP (5726), Clarendon North Central. He defeated the PNP’s Desmond Brennan (3934).

• Dwight Sibbles, JLP (6,030), Clarendon Northern. He defeated PNP’s Horace Dalley (5,322).

• Lothan Cousins, PNP (6,669), Clarendon South Western. He defeated the JLP’s Kent Gammon (4,602).

• Robert Miller, JLP (6,829), St. Catherine South Eastern. He defeated the PNP’s Colin Fagan (5,735).

• Kerensia Morrison, JLP (5,980), St. Catherine North Eastern. He defeated the PNP’s Oswest Senior-Smith (3,312).

• Hugh Graham, PNP (5,283), St. Catherine North Western. He defeated the JLP’s Newton Amos (5,261) and Independent Gene Guthrie (25).

• Robert Chin, JLP (6,810), Manchester Southern. He defeated the PNP’s incumbent Michael Stewart (5,916).

• Rhoda Moy Crawford, JLP (8,097), Manchester Central. She defeated the PNP’s Peter Bunting (7,112), while Independent Rohan Chung got 67 votes.

• Tamika Davis, JLP (6,008), Hanover Western, defeated the PNP’s Ian Hayles (4987).

• Morland Wilson, JLP (6,116), Westmoreland Western, defeated the PNP’s Wykeham McNeil (5,069) packing.

• Daniel Lawrence, JLP (4,831), Westmoreland Eastern. He defeated PNP’s Luther Buchanan (4,823). Independent Haile Mika’el managed only 30 votes.

• Michelle Charles, JLP (6,126), St Thomas Eastern, defeated the PNP’s Fenton Ferguson (5,392).

• Marsha Smith, JLP (9,059), St Ann North Eastern, defeated the PNP’s Keith Brown (4,887).

• Krystal Lee, JLP (7,821), St Ann North Western, was impressive in beating the PNP’s Dayton Campbell (5,783). Independent Peter Shand got 783 votes; and

• Tova Hamilton, JLP (8,508), Trelawny Northern, defeated the PNP’s incumbent Victor Wright (6,771)) and Independent Genieve Dawkins (51).

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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