Jamaica Expected To Welcome 4.12 Million Visitors For 2023

According to the Ministry of Tourism Jamaica is set to record an estimated 4,122,100 visitor arrivals for the period January to December 2023.

Portfolio Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, said this would represent a 23.7 percent increase over the 2022 figure.

Of this number, 2,875,549 are expected to be stopover visitors, which would represent a 16 percent increase over the number recorded last year.

“Additionally, we expect to end the year with a total of 1,246,551 cruise passengers, which would represent a 46.1 percent increase over the tally for 2022.

“This continues the spectacular growth pattern of tourism, both in terms of visitor arrivals as well as for earnings. Indeed, we have gone 10 consecutive quarters since the COVID-19 pandemic, showing significant growth,” Mr. Bartlett said.

He provided the update during a statement delivered in the House of Representatives recently.

The influx of visitors is expected to generate US$4.265 billion in tourism earnings for 2023, representing a projected increase of 17.8 percent over total inflows for 2022, and a 17.2 percent spike over the out-turn for the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

A further breakdown of these estimated revenues, specifically including direct inflows to the government’s coffers, are Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) fees, which go to the Consolidated Fund, US$57.5 million or J$8.9 billion.

There is also the Departure Tax of US$100.6 million or J$15.6 billion; Airport Improvement Fees – US$28.8 million or J$4.47 billion; Airline Passenger Levy – US$57.5 million or J$8.9 billion; Passenger Fees and Charges – US$69 million or J$10.7 billion; and the Guest Accommodation Room Tax (GART) – US$22.6 million or J$3.5 billion.

“Total overall, just for this year… is US$336 million or J$52 billion into the economy, even before the tourists start to breathe air in this country,” Mr. Bartlett said.

Source – JIS

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