It Ends With Us — Review

Colleen Hoover is the New York Times bestselling author of nine novels, including the #1 bestseller, Hopeless.

Hoover’s books have always played well with the reading public and her edition titled, It Ends with Us, is no different from her earlier novels regarding appeal and reach.

“Fifteen seconds. That’s all it takes to change everything about a person completely.”

The book exceeded every expectation I had and more. I really can’t say enough good things about Colleen Hoover – It Ends with Us is the icing on the already perfect Colleen Hoover cake for me.

As someone who has read every book that Hoover has written, I can honestly say that I thought I knew what I was getting into when I picked up her new read last summer.

But, good golly, I had no idea how wrong I was until I began turning the pages, ‘twas tears and more tears!

This book, in my opinion, is the author’s greatest story yet, proving that her range as a writer and a storyteller extends far beyond your basic love story or young adult romance. This book is deep, personal, thought-provoking, and magnificent.

The story follows Lily Blossom Bloom, a young adult living in Boston with a big heart and bigger dreams. Her determination, quirky personality, and strength make her one of the most incredible female characters in this genre.

In her adventures in Boston, she meets Ryle, who charms her from the first moment with his naked truths and openness.

 Lily and Ryle’s story starts off just like any other but changes so dramatically through the course of the novel in ways the reader never sees coming.

I would be doing you a genuine disservice to give away any more of the plot of this novel before you start it.

I went in completely blind, and that’s how it should be for everyone who reads this book. It Ends with Us is a book disguised as a love story, but is a genuinely powerful story about life.

It packs an incredible dose of reality and tackles some seriously important issues. Colleen Hoover’s talent is showcased in the truly unique perspective through which she tackles this novel.

Lily’s narration is raw, honest, and real. You will feel her feelings as if they are your own, and it’s so powerful. Her journey will make you smile, laugh, cry, scream, and most importantly, feel.

I learned so much from this book about vulnerability, truth, and life. In today’s world where everything seems to be going wrong, and everyone is fighting for equality, this book will make you cheer for Lily as a woman and as a person. She is a hero that conquers the unimaginable.

It Ends with Us is a book that will change your life.

I know because it did just that to me. My perspectives and everything I thought I knew were called into question, leaving me breathless and reeling as I turned every last page.

It’s a beautiful depiction of a circumstance that is all too common and relevant told correctly.

If you want to be moved by a story, if you want to be inspired, or want to see the world differently- read this book.

Cozy up, take it in, listen to the messages the characters are sending, and let the feelings take you over. Pass it on to everyone you know and never let it go.

One reader in her review on Amazon writes thus, “I’m seriously at a loss and so consumed by my feelings for this book. It was emotional, thought-provoking, and beautiful! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I can’t get over the emotions Colleen Hoover stirred inside me… sadness, anger, joy, love. This is what a book should be. It’s extremely powerful and a story that I think everyone should read.”

Colleen Hoover reminds readers that love is a fragile thing, built from courage, hope, and tears. Every person with a heartbeat should read this book, says Kami Garcia, #1 New York Times bestselling author.

Hoover described this novel as “by far the hardest book I’ve ever written.”

Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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