Israeli Gaza Expert Says Hamas Attack Changed His View Of Group

ISRAEL — Shlomi Eldar has a rare specialization for an Israeli media personality: for over 30 years, he’s been covering Hamas and Gaza.

In his books and award-winning documentaries, Eldar has tried to tell the stories of the Palestinians beyond the wall. He still grapples with the shock of the Oct. 7 attack, no longer seeing them as a group that can be reasoned with.

After the Oct. 7 attack, he said he got a phone call from a Palestinian who told him of family members killed in an Israeli strike in Gaza. Eldar admits all he could say was, “Look what Hamas did.”

Since 1991, as a reporter, book author, and documentarist, Eldar brought to audiences in Israel and beyond, stories of the Palestinians in Gaza — putting a human face on repeated cycles of the conflict and revealing painful situations.

His 2010 movie “Precious Life” was about the struggle to save a Palestinian baby with a rare genetic disease. The baby was treated by Israeli doctors with the help of an Israeli donor whose son was killed by Palestinians.


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